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Hello readers, followers, visitors and friends.

I want to make an intro with some facts about our precious drink. Due to my experience and curiosity about coffee I want to share  some very interesting ( i hope also for you ) information.

Coffee is the second most commercial product on earth at the moment after crude oil and worths more than 100 billions worldwide. That puts it higher than gold, gas, corn and other top products. Its written also recently that more than 125 millions people depend on coffee production for their livelihood. Impressive isn’t it?  The three top coffee producing countries are : Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia.

According to http://www.theworldcounts.com/ there are more than 50 million 60kg bags produced globally this year. And its only the 5th month of the year!!!  Established markets in North America, Europe and Japan account for almost 53% of world coffee consumption.

432331f9-dd0f-4217-944e-f1bcb92cf34d-3541-000005342f0b9717_tmp   65% of all coffee is consumed during breakfast hours, 30% between meals, and the remaining 5% with other meals. 35% of coffee drinkers prefer black coffee and 65% adds sugar, milk, cream or powders. We drink more than 500 million cups of coffee per year worldwide. This gives an average of 1,4 cups per coffee drinker per day! And the first three countries on the list are Finland with 2,6 cups in average per day, Norway is second with 1,9 cups and third is the Netherlands with 1,8. More and more people every day try to upgrade the coffee experience also at home. The last 10 years the single cup coffee machines industry grew from 100 million€ in 2007 to 28 billion € !!!! In 2016.

The two main coffee bean kinds are Arabica and Robusta. With the first having a more smooth drinking experience with different flavors.f184e16f-7548-445e-969b-d3c000892b0d-3541-0000053326b1be43_tmp Thats why Arabica covers almost the 75% of the global coffee sales. Robusta has a bitter taste, is cheaper and easier to plant and produce. It takes about 100 beans to make a cup of coffee and about five years for a coffee tree to produce its first cup of coffee!!!.
Matt Poole, owner of Giant Coffee said:

“We’ve gone from drinking mass-produced coffee to specialty coffee. People today are more educated about coffee than ever before. They know where it’s grown and how it’s roasted,”

How much to the point is this? I see more and more people every day looking for the best coffee experience. Coffee gives us many good feelings and this makes everyone searching for perfection. And everyone’s cup of perfection is for sure somewhere out there!!!

The international day of coffee is on 1st of October.
So please, Mikemeacoffee 🙂

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