Lot 61 #2

Every time I have a coffee here is 100% tasty and good looking. At Lot 61 coffee roasters the cappuccino’s, latte’s and flat white’s are served always with beautiful high level latte art figures and always on the right temperature. The fresh roasted coffee fills in the place with a great smell which forse the coffee lovers to order one more. The baristas are always relaxed, in a good  mood and also very good looking. The option to drink your coffee next to the big coffee roasting machine sitting on the coffee bags gives the impression of diving in to the specialty coffee ocean every time you visit it. img_0566I have seen a lot of times people early in the morning going in, in their pajamas, to buy fresh beans for their morning coffee at home. You can find a big range of Lot61 made coffee beans for sale in house separated in categories of use and with detailed descriptions. Lot 61 has a big list of places in Holland that supplies coffee and coffee training. A lot of them are not just coffee places but barbers with coffee, clothing shops with coffee and yesterday I had a Lot61 coffee in a fancy ice cream shop. Cool ?

Very good located on the corner of a busy street of Amsterdam named Kinkestraat. With canal view and a lot of sun ( when available of course :)). The light blue coffee cups that they use to serve coffee, offer a unique color combination away of the usual white cupping. Except the tasteful coffee beverages the Lot 61 offers also a few sweet bites to combine like Cookies, cakes and croissants which are every day available but if you are there for a late afternoon coffee is very possible to be finished. I highly recommend  the cookie or the lemon cake piece. 😉

Lot 61 is a secure option in Amsterdam for people with high expectation for their tasting pallet.

See you there ……..

Lot 61

Kinkerstraat 112,
1053 ED Amsterdam

Phone:  06 16054227

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday   08:00 – 18:00 
Saturdays                09:00 – 18:00 
Sundays                  10:00 – 18:00 

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