Caffenation #3

One of the most chilled places to drink a coffee in Amsterdam. The smooth, tastefull and well made coffee beverages are results of a high quality blends, singles and loads of professionalism. From the first time someone visits Caffenation feels like the baristas are friends and you are invited for a coffee at their house. The music is always very  good and there is a huge range of newspapers and magazines around. On the tables are always jars with different kinds of cookies available for free to join your coffee. The bar is located at the highest spot of the place and its fully equipped with the best. They are using single origin seasonal coffee beans and blends mostly from Ruanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. Their roasters are located in Belgium with a plan of extention according to their website.

Perfectly located between the two biggest parks of Amsterdam, Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark and on a beautiful corner on the street. The underground floor is ideal for meetings because of the big tables available and the feeling of privacy. There is also a small children’s corner to keep them a bit busy while you are enjoying your latte art cappuccino ;).

Very very recommended for the high quality coffees and the unique hospitality.

See you around…


Warmondstraat 120, 1058 KZ Amsterdam

Phone:  ?

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday        08:00 – 18:00 
Saturday & Sunday      09:00 – 18:00 

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