Amsterdam coffee festival 2017


One more coffee festival became part of the history here in Amsterdam. Of course I was there and I want to share my experience with you. I cycled  to  ‘Westergasfabriek‘ early in the morning on a sunny Sunday so there were a few visitors inside and it was easy to walk around. My first impression wasn’t unfortunately as positive as the previous years. I didn’t felt the energy and the passion for coffee in the atmosphere. Probably the most enthusiastic visitors from Holland and abroad chose the first two days for their visit. To tell you the truth I prefer the ndsm  location in Amsterdam north  where the Festival took place till 2015. The building was way bigger, easy to explore and of course it was 1 building so you didn’t have to walk out from one building to the other like the last 2 years. Ndsm Is not so easy to reach though if you are not familiar with Amsterdam.

Lets come back to 2017 again. In the area outside between the two buildings was a big glassy room named the ‘illy LAB’ were different coffee experts were reciting the benefits of their products and giving answers to the public. Going inside to the main coffee area it looked  like illy took over the Festival because of the logos and the stands everywhere (and the big Lab outside). With the local and other roasters having smaller kiosks than the previous years. Also I missed good coffees from last year like the five elephant from Germany, the local White label and a few more. A nice new entry was a very good coffee roastery from Greece named ‘Taf‘ with the brewing world champion of 2014 Stefano Domatsioti making coffees for the visitors. The La Marzocco area was the one that i stayed the most. IMG_0763With Three Linea mini coffee machines available for everyone to make his own cappuccino and the possibility, for the best one, to win one of them, was a really interactive and interesting experience (Unfortunatelly i wasn’t the winner). Between my 8th and 9th double espresso I had the opportunity to watch the third round of the dutch  cupping  championship where 4 participants had to find the different type of coffee out of three cups, 8 times!!! No one was perfect, with the winner passing to the final to have 5 right out of 8. The same time at the other building and next to the Tia Maria + coffee project, was going on The dutch Tea championship. It was pretty crowded but I wasn’t there to talk about it. Also I am wondering why the tea championship is taking place in the coffee festival altough is a Dutch Tea Festival in a few months.

The two most impressive corners of the festival for me were the one from Back to Black coffee and roasters and the other from Bocca coffee roasters. With the first exhibiting their big range of freshly roasted coffees, pies, foodies, cups and on a prominently position placed their trophy for the 3rd position at the Dutch Barista 2017. The Bocca exhibition kiosk was looking like a part of an airplane encouraging people to come on board. Also with a high level set up and quality coffees and more.

After about 4 hours of exploring the festival it was time to join the coffee & food pairing from Scandinavian Embassy with my VIP ticket 😉 . It was my second time in a row so I was familiar with the place but it wasn’t so enjoyable and that’s why I feel like writing a post only for this compering it to the one of 2016. So this is coming soon.
With more than 12.000 quests was again a very successful Festival. Can’t wait for the next one. Is going to be at the same place from Fr. 9th till Sun. 11th of March 2018.

See you there!!!


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