Scandinavian Embassy #5

A totally different experience….. Scandinavian embassy is a really alternative stylish way of drinking coffee as you are used to, paired professionally with Scandinavian high level breakfast-lunch or private dinner. Sounds unique?  It is. When specialty coffee becomes part of a gastronomical experience you are for sure in this cozy place. The menu can be changed seasonally according to the fresh ingredients available and the coffee is always well chosen from specialty coffee roasters.  Located in the most hip area of Amsterdam called ‘De pijp’ and opposite the Sarphatipark. The Scandinavian light color wouden interior and the minimalistic furniture set, give plenty of space for positive relaxed vibes and delicious smells. The coffee equipment and their kitchen are behind the same bar where baristas and chefs are working perfectly ‘paired’.

The two Scandinavian brains behind this unique place are also responsible for the new VIP section of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, pairing Coffee with food in a private room next to the main area. This year 2017 is the second time in a row and one week before the beginning of the festival, all available times and days, were sold out. Thank god I bought my ticket one month in advance.!!!

The best coffee place in Amsterdam straight away after opening on 2014 according to the Esquire magazine. An unbelievable start. I think they deserved it.


Recently they added a new section online and it is the Scandinavian Embassy Wardrobe with a  Fashion collection designed by Dominica. The clothing is also for people with unique taste of style like the hole SE idea.

Upgrade your day with a visit to SE.

SEe you there….



Scandinavian Embassy

Sarphatipark 34
1072 PB Amsterdam


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday         07:30 – 18:00 
Saturday & Sunday      09:00 – 18:00 

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