Coffee trip to Greece.

June 2017. Take off from Amsterdam with 14 ℃ .✈️ Landing to Thessaloniki 2 1/2 hours later with 32℃. Thats why I felt like flying from a cup of hot coffee into a glass of cold coffee full of ice cubes. Lets take a small coffee trip to 2 Greek cities, ( not famous at all ) Arta and Volos, where coffee is the most important ‘meal’ of the day.


And because of the weather and the ‘Frappe culture’ the 75% of the daily coffee consumption in cafes, beach bars and restaurants is cold coffees (even during winter). Probably the first thought when someone hears ‘cold coffee’ (everyone except Greeks) is a cold brewed coffee BUT no no no, actually in Greece the cold brewed coffee is not that famous yet. Of course there are a lot of places with specialty coffee where cold brewed coffees are available. BUT…, for the biggest part of the Greek coffee consumers, a cold coffee without coffee foam on top and creamy body is just a hot coffee with ice. And maybe this doesn’t sound so good until you taste a freddo espresso or a freddo cappuccino made from a professional barista. IMG_1988The extra equipment needed is just a shaker with a strainer part on top to keep the bubbles from the coffee foam away and this type of blender to spin the coffee and the cold milk if we need to make a cappuccino freddo.

The first city of this coffee trip is Arta. I visited three cafe’s of this lovely small town. Cafe Eleven, Soul and En Arti. All of them have high level coffee beverages and each one something to stand out of the rest.

I am writing this part of the post while I am having a freddo espresso at cafe Eleven. At the moment the place has more than 35 tables full of customers and ALL OF THEM are drinking freddos!!!!Here I had also the opportunity to talk a bit with ‘Maria‘ the head bariste of the place. She is working the last 6 years as a bariste and she loves her job. Actually Maria is serving the freddo cappuccino’s on an other level. She is doing latte art on cold coffee’s and they look amazing. Of course I tasted also her cappuccino and espresso, and all of them were well and professionally prepared. She is working along in the bar preparing around 600!!! coffee beverages per shift, using 6-7 kilos of hausbrandt coffee. Impressive isn’t it?

Thank you Maria for your time and your delicious coffee’s.

The second city of our coffee trip is Volos where I am coming from. This city gives the feeling that the coffee places are more than every other kind of business located there. Is definitely a coffee city, and because of this crazy number of good coffee places, I am afraid that if I write for a coffee place I’ll neglect a lot of them. There are also places like Grappa and Gala where coffee is combined with a long menu of unique in house made desserts. For these two places responsible is Elias. Elias is a 23 years old guy who has discovered, from a very young age (around 14), his talent in creating unique dessert recipes. He also really likes using coffee as an ingredient in a lot of his creations. We had a coffee together and he served me the desserts of the month. The chocolate cream with strawberries, the Mille-feuille with hazelnut praline and caramel and the orange-yuzu tart. Soooooo delicious……Highly recommended if you ever visit the city.


Thank you very much Elias. It was a delicious experience. We are expecting new recipes from you soon!!!.

So after two weeks in these two beautiful cities, a lot of creamy cold coffees and delicious bites around it I am back to base with a lot of nice memories and the feeling that, this way of drinking cold coffee (the Greek way), is going to be well known soon also outside of the Greek borders.

—Have you ever tasted freddo coffee (Greek way) ? I would like to hear your opinion.

—Would you like to prepare it at home or at your coffee place ? Maybe I can help you.

So mikemeacoffee please!!!!!

More photos!!!!  ↓↓↓




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