Koffie Spot #8

   Koffiespot is a small coffee place in the heart of Amsterdam at the famous area called 9streets. The first thing I want to mention about it, is that they have the best website I have ever seen so far for a coffee place in Holland. According to my taste of course. Koffiespot is a coffee place recently entered the coffee life of Amsterdam, opened it s doors in the winter of 2015 and since then is developing very fast a good name among the rest. Like a lot of places in the city centre has a narrow facade but walking further inside there is enough room to enjoy the precious moments of a coffee brake. The dark decoration concept with black furniture, black menu wallboards, even black coffee cups and the low light, gives the impression of a place where you can concentrate!!!

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The morning that I was there (around 11:00) to write this post was really busy with people standing in the line for take away coffees. They are serving Bocca coffee  from a Dutch coffee roasting company with 15 years of experience in coffee roasting. Very good quality and a lot of options of blends and single origin coffee beans also to take away. Except the usual full fat milk there are four more options available : low fat milk, soya milk, almond milk and coconut milk with 0,50 additional costs. Alongside with the coffees they offer a long list of tea’s, fresh delicious juices and very interesting food suggestions. The website’s pics will make you hungry!

I ordered a latte with double shot.IMG_1784 It was served pretty fast with a decent latte art figure on top, a small muffin and a big smile from the friendly service lady. The temperature was perfect and the taste also.

The baristas are very friendly and happy to help every customer. The bar is professionally organised and fully equipped.

Koffie spot is one of the places in Amsterdam that I didn’t came just to write about it !. I will come back for sure to taste also their attempting dishes together with a well prepared coffee!.

So lets start koffiespoting!!!


Elandsgracht 53,
1016 TN Amsterdam

Email: info@koffiespot.nl

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday         08:00 – 18:00 
Saturday                         09:00 – 18:00
Sunday                            10:00 – 18:00 

More Photos ↓↓↓


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