Coffee & Coconuts #9

This is what happens when a historical building becomes a meeting point after a genius renovation. Just in the hart of the most trendy area of Amsterdam the old theatre of Ceintuurbaan opened its doors again as one of the most beautiful places to have coffee, different kind of drinks, lunch, dinner and a lot of freshly made juices, in Amsterdam The Coffee and Coconuts. Of course a lot of different ways to enjoy the fresh taste of coconut are available. The interior is outstanding. The combination of the bamboo furniture the ropes and the plants, gives the feeling of  having lunch on a tropical island even though you are in the middle of a north European country.


Separated in four levels with beautiful interior view from every seat you choose. The big central bar at the ground floor is a damn beautiful full equipped huge playground for passionated professionals. From the right side of it the food gets in to the scene slowly, showcasing  some of the available ingredients and dishes. Next to it is the small open kitchen where the chefs inside never stop moving! Even though is a big place with plenty of seats, a few hours (some times less) after opening the doors every day and almost for the whole day there is a queue of nice and well dressed people waiting to be seated. Crazy busy!!! Some times I see tourists coming in, taking photos and then going somewhere else for a coffee. I hope they will not let the HOP ON HOP OFF bus to stop in front of it soon!!!   hahhahahahahah.


Lately I noticed also, on some of the tables, a small sign saying: “This table is laptop free”. I found it a very professional way to keep these tables free for the people who want to have lunch or early dinner! Some times you see these annoying people with their laptops(like me ;)) writing for hours. I accepted and appreciated totally.

For the first 2 years they were offering Bocca coffee witch is a great safe choice for such a big place with high consumption numbers. With a big range of blends and singles available, standard-stable quality, coffee education and huge production possibilities its also the choice of a lot of coffee places the last years. And it looks like that this is maybe one of the reasons ( from mine point of view ) that CT decided to go for a smaller roaster. Bocca coffee is very often seen in Netherlands lately and this maybe makes the coffee brand been more mainstream than specialty.  I was surprised one day early this year when I ordered a cappuccino and I got it in a White Label cup! Then I realised the change and of course I was sure after the first sip. I found this change an upgrade for the coffee experience which made me visiting the place more often.

As you already noticed I am a big fun of the place even though lately I have to be very lucky to find a seat. There are always fresh beautiful people inside in a very elegant and refreshing vibe. The music is always good and the employees of all position look like they enjoy what their doing.

Very highly recommended!!!


Coffee & coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282-284,
1072 GK Amsterdam


Phone : 020 354 1104

Opening hours:

Every Day Open     8:00-23:00



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