Bocca coffee roasters #10

Warning!!! This place is only for serious coffee lovers.

Bocca cafe is located in the center of the city of Amsterdam in an old spacious building. It has a huge central bar fully equipped with the latest and the best you can have. Every barista who works in an other coffee house is a bit jealous (including my self) seeing all these toys packed in the 30m2 bar. Bocca cafe  has ‘five’, yes ‘5’, different coffee machines on the bar and more than 8 grinders. Of course all the possible ways to enjoy a filter coffee are available. A big menu above the register is showcasing the different coffees, teas and bites. A very fancy corner of the bar is also organised perfectly for the tea lovers allowing the tea to drip perfectly in the glassy jars always on the perfect temperature.IMG_2639

As you get inside you have at your left the bar which starts with the pastry that you can get alongside your drink. At the right, straight after the entrance, is a blue mid size coffee roasting machine. This machine is the one that the Bocca coffee brothers used, about 15 years ago to roast their first green coffee beans. Very interesting to see.

The interior is a minimal very big place with a lot of beautiful and comfortable furniture, placed so sparingly that gives the ability for private conversations and plenty of space to enjoy.

For you, who are living in Holland, Bocca coffee probably is a brand that you can see and hear very often. Is one of the coffee brands that even though it starts becoming mainstream, keeps the quality and the costumer satisfaction on high levels. With a long list of blends, singles origin coffees, different kinds of teas and also a small barista 2T05wvO5QGeW%RMWQRj15wvitrine where you can spend a few hundreds of euros to have the best of every barista tool; Bocca cafe on Kerkstraat 96 is a coffee paradise. And its not only because of that but also because of the training open room. Something unique in Amsterdam. You can have a kind of a coffee training also at the Lot sixty one coffee roasters on Kinkerstaat but not in a training separated room from the cafe. Here in this open barista ”kitchen” is to support the customers with Barista trainings; but is also available for small groups who want just to get to know the basics of coffee preparation or even for individuals who want to get a different path in their carriers.

Bocca coffee also have developed an education model for baristas, kind like SCAE certification but with 4 levels instead of 3 that SCAE has. They are going a bit deeper into the coffee knowledge starting from scratch. When someone finishes successfully the course and has passion for coffee, can easily work in one of the places where Bocca coffee is sold or in da house straight away. Sounds like a Barista Factory. So gooooood!!!  Well done guys!!!

Wow my God!!! I just came back (2 days later) to finish writing the post and I see only 2 coffee machines in the bar. Where is all that beauty gone? Now I can only add photos of the bar with 2 coffee machines on it :(.  But its ok, I still like it a lot…..

Very Very Highly recommended!!!!

Bocca coffee roasters

Kerkstraat 96HS, 1017 GP Amsterdam

Phone:  0321 314 667

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday        08:00 – 18:00
Saturday & Sunday     09:00 – 18:00 

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  1. Just read Where the Wild Coffee Grows by Jeff Koehler. Excellent book for the serious coffee lover! He mentions Simons’ shop, Bocca. Next time I am in Amsterdam!


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