Arket Cafè #11

Arket  means ‘a plain sheet of paper’ (Swedish) and is as simple as that. A really fresh and healthy option in the center of Amsterdam located in the ground floor of a monumental corner building with great view and energy. One of the unique thinks you can straight away notice is that Arket cafè is part of a huge retail store with men, women, kids and homeware options. Very interesting concept. Arket in Amsterdam is the company’s 6th store in Europe while new openings taking place around Europe every month.



But lets talk about this beautiful small cafè restaurant that I am already a big fun of. Actually it was very difficult before Arket to drink a decent cup of coffee at the area of Koningsplein and around. Bocca cafe is a good option but is about a kilometer away.

If  you are walking on herengracht reaching koningsplein or on leidsestraat you can also smell the cinnamon buns just out of the oven!!! Delicious…..

The Arket menu is based on the ‘Nordic food manifesto’ which is a very fair way to offer traditional nordic food using seasonal, local, organic-biological products.Focused on working in the most sustainable way possible, Arket cafe at the moment is running using 80-85% organic products. Their plan is on 2020 to be 100% organic. The menu is short, very freshly made, tasty and it gets new additional choices according to the seasonal ingredients available. The pastries, the very famous already oat cookies and the bread used for the sandwiches are inspired from the head chef of Arket, Martin Berg.

The cafè is simple, minimal, crisp, modern and well equipped. Lets start with the eye-catching mavam espresso machine. IMG_4843Which is only the second one in Amsterdam. The first one came in Amsterdam from an other very interesting cafe in the city, the coffee shots. Mavam is a coffee machine that it’s not only performing good but its also a high quality equipment that gives the ability to the baristas to communicate with the customers and don’t turn their back or hide behind the unit. Very impressive.

Arket has also coffee options like bunn filter coffee, ice coffees, the recently added chemex brew and 3 kinds of organic super tasty tea. With the same tea they prepare also their home made Arket tea with ginger beer and apple!.

The coffee is coming from johan & nystrom roasters based in Stockholm. Its 100% organic and fair trade. At the moment the beans are from Honduras and soon its going to be switched to Peruvian. In a few weeks they will introduce also 2 more cold coffees, Freddo espresso and Freddo cappuccino



The atmosphere in Arket is always so nice an elegant. The team is super friendly and polite. They are always up to help, give info and serve always with a smile.

Everything placed in the cafe is also for sale. For example the really comfortable chairs are on sale for almost 500 euros each!



The view from, inside the cafè is really beautiful and ideal for spending some quality time while drinking a coffee.

Highly recommended,

Arket Cafè

Koningsplein 20, 1017 BB, Amsterdam

Phone:  0206389441

Opening hours:

Monday                                11:00 – 19:00
Tuesday to Saturday*        10:00 – 19:00
Sunday                                 12:00 – 19:00 

*Every Thursday till 21:00

More pics ↓
Hummus Avocado sandwichGoat cheese saladChemex brewchemex brewHummus pickled sandwichcruditèse46a390c-e5c5-4f41-a56e-4e28a12cc53eFruit salad, yoghurt with oil, lemon tart23f22335-d647-4d3f-b33e-9c7c49271dd4XYkaV5tqQJqA5MkTAhCeRwArket main menu board

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