Coffee trip to Brussels (Part 1)

Brussels is a very energetic city with a lot of really interesting places to have coffee.  It’s one more important city in Europe with not a very long coffee history. Even though the last 10 years the coffee culture is growing rapidly. Nowadays Brussels offers a lot of different options that can satisfy every coffee Geek, visiting or leaving here. During my 3 days visit I was escorted by a local hospitality master, who guided me to the best coffee shops of the city. Thank you Jasper. !!!

So let’s dive a bit deeper in to this very caffeinated trip.dL4vrc+yQCmBilTn5A561w

The meeting point was at 9:00 at the Arket café in the city centre. Jasper is managing the place so it was fair enough to start from there. Arket is a great place to start your day with delicious pastries, coffees and vegetarian menu. ( Similar to Arket Amsterdam ).

Highly Recommended *****

The weather was pretty nice and Sunny, something that made our walk in the city, way more beautiful.

meOv%QDLQLaTA6bsO66qmwSecond stop was Fika café.

Fika in Swedish  means “coffee break with a pastry”. ttjDoBHwQj+BzSdD1QMfSwMmmmmmm!!!! Fika life for ever!!! Getting inside from the narrow facade you can see straight away the Nordic influence. Light colour wooden and minimal set up with a really hip twist. Great coffee, very easy going place but understaffed for the size. Maybe they didn’t expect a sunny day but with a beautiful terrace like this in the middle of the city, you have to be prepared!!! Apart from that, the coffee beverages and the pastries were very very good.


Recommended ***

Next stop was TICH .  Tich means “small man” and according to Jasper, it means also ” a d**k ” 🙂 . A spacious place with a really modern and colourful interior. It felt like weXhe89T5ETmyoJTsYoYwmjw got in a small marketWrzgMfA+Q9Oe3H9efoArYw or in a huge coffee/restaurant. With 3 different sitting levels and a huge facade, you can’t actually miss it if you are passing by. The coffee was OK and the menu is following the new trends of lunching. A lot of avocado, bread and eggs. Easy to prepare and make it look beautiful. Very delicious though! In TICH you can choose between a big range of Gifts to buy for any occasion.


The staff was very friendly and helpful. I found Tich as a perfect place for people who like to work with their laptops or study during the day.

Recommended ***

Before moving to our next coffee destination we stopped for a coffee!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And it was one of the best. It felt like entering the gates to Paradise. When I saw the 22 (yes 22!) grinders in a row with different beans to choose from, I felt like I am dreaming. The perfect place to suicide drinking espressos!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is Corica :CRkcIT%OTC6CyaW9Dwwv7g

On the website says:

“The perfect place to enjoy a coffee of excellence in the heart of Brussels.
We are an artisanal coffee bar roasting the beans in Brussels.
We give our customers the choice of either savouring the tastes of coffee or buying fresh beans from a wide selection.”

I totally agree.


With available coffee beans from all the countries of the coffee belt, Corica is definitely a place that you have to visit.

Highly Recommended *****

To be continued …..

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