Hello coffee people!

My name is Michail and I am a coffee lover the last 25 years :).

My love for coffee forces me everyday to visit high quality specialty cafe’s and roasters out there, to experience and taste the differences  between them. I am also giving a closer look to the bites around coffee, like pies, cakes, cookies etc. And of course how the places are decorated. I like it so much and I want also to share it with you.

I am a barista also my self with more than 15 years of experience preparing coffee beverages. My career as a barista started at my birthplace named ‘Volos’. A city in the middle of Greece where coffee is the most important ‘meal’ of every day life. From May of 2012 I am living and working in Amsterdam where I am trying also to stay updated and into the coffee life. That’s why except working, about twice a year, I am attending courses of latte art, roasting, professional cupping etc.


In this blog you will find posts about coffee places that i visited, tips for becoming a barista at home, new recipes of coffee beverages and everything that can be paired with coffee, new coffee gadgets, coffee products and trends, some historical facts around coffee and a lot more…  In my reviews I will not use the name ‘Coffee shop’ for the coffee places that I am visiting because here in Holland this means something else ;).

Follow me to this journey and help me with your opinion and tips.

The blog is made on a wordpress template named Baskerville 2 and for all the photos I use an iphone7 and a Gopro hero 4. The logo is made from a very good friend and super designer named Michalis Kopanos.

For more photos check my Instagram account here.

Always about coffee and everything around it….

So please Mikemeacoffee 🙂

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