Scandinavian Embassy #5

A totally different experience..... Scandinavian embassy is a really alternative stylish way of drinking coffee as you are used to, paired professionally with Scandinavian high level breakfast-lunch or private dinner. Sounds unique?  It is. When specialty coffee becomes part of a gastronomical experience you are for sure in this cozy place. The menu can be changed seasonally... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam coffee festival 2017

One more coffee festival became part of the history here in Amsterdam. Of course I was there and I want to share my experience with you. I cycled  to  'Westergasfabriek' early in the morning on a sunny Sunday so there were a few visitors inside and it was easy to walk around. My first impression wasn't... Continue Reading →

Back to Black #4

A coffee place where girls, and recently boys also, make high level coffees using freshly roasted beans. Owned by two very friendly ladies obviously high coffee educated and with a really interesting taste of decoration. One of them took the third place at the Dutch Barista championship of 2017. Congratulations from mikemeacoffee👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. The coffee is... Continue Reading →

Caffenation #3

One of the most chilled places to drink a coffee in Amsterdam. The smooth, tastefull and well made coffee beverages are results of a high quality blends, singles and loads of professionalism. From the first time someone visits Caffenation feels like the baristas are friends and you are invited for a coffee at their house. The... Continue Reading →

Lot 61 #2

Every time I have a coffee here is 100% tasty and good looking. At Lot 61 coffee roasters the cappuccino's, latte's and flat white's are served always with beautiful high level latte art figures and always on the right temperature. The fresh roasted coffee fills in the place with a great smell which forse the coffee lovers... Continue Reading →

White label #1

I am going to start with the most visited place from me here in Amsterdam, The White label coffee roastery. And it s the most visited one not because is the only one, of course,  but because is very close to my house. Thank god are a lot of places out there to taste fresh specialty... Continue Reading →

About coffee

Hello readers, followers, visitors and friends. I want to make an intro with some facts about our precious drink. Due to my experience and curiosity about coffee I want to share  some very interesting ( i hope also for you ) information. Coffee is the second most commercial product on earth at the moment after... Continue Reading →

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