Two for joy coffee roasters #7

One of the places that I am also having my coffee very often in Amsterdam is Two for Joy. Very good Quality freshly roasted coffee, high educated baristas and a very good looking interior. Located in the most elegant neighborhood of Amsterdam named 'Jordan' and on the most central spot of it. Two for Joy... Continue Reading →

Espressofabriek #6

One of the first places becoming popular in Amsterdam for the specialty coffee and the fresh in house roasted beans. A lot of the today's coffee professionals of Amsterdam have started their career in this place. The word "fabriek" in Dutch means Factory and the first espressofabriek in Amsterdam is located in a building that... Continue Reading →

Lot 61 #2

Every time I have a coffee here is 100% tasty and good looking. At Lot 61 coffee roasters the cappuccino's, latte's and flat white's are served always with beautiful high level latte art figures and always on the right temperature. The fresh roasted coffee fills in the place with a great smell which forse the coffee lovers... Continue Reading →

White label #1

I am going to start with the most visited place from me here in Amsterdam, The White label coffee roastery. And it s the most visited one not because is the only one, of course,  but because is very close to my house. Thank god are a lot of places out there to taste fresh specialty... Continue Reading →

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